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Spinning Spun Sugar

Spun Sugar Beadworks began about 20 years ago as a hobby. A hobby that I started because I had seen some beautiful, beaded bookmarks in Books-A-Million bookstore. While I couldn't create anything remotely as beautiful as those bookmarks, I did set about learning how to bead and make some rudimentary bookmarks of my own. I didn't sell them. I simply gave a few away to friends and kept some for myself. I made bookmarks while working at night at a local hospital where I performed sleep studies.

Fast forward a few years, and I decided to branch out into jewelry-making. By this time, I had married and had an amazing kid. My husband was and still is incredibly supportive of Spun Sugar. He has always supported my dreams and aspirations. I can say that I have won the husband lottery! I also won the kiddo lottery too. My son is a brilliant mind and the absolute highlight of my life. Both of them have been right here with me every step of the way on this journey.

Life has a way of getting in the way, and I laid Spun Sugar down for quite a few years (Seven years to be exact!) Being a stay-at-home mom and rejoining the work force for a few years meant that I had little time to devote to my dream: creating beautiful jewelry. However, in late 2021, I made up my mind to pick it up again, and this time, I was going to make Spun Sugar Beadworks and Divinity by Spun Sugar into an actual business instead of a hobby.

So here I am twenty years later with a renewed passion for this little hobby-turned-business, and I hope that everyone will join me on this new and exciting journey!!

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